Trade Copier

MT4 Trade Copier

Do you have difficulty initiating trades?
Do you have difficulty composing a good trading plan?
Do you have difficulty with risk management?
Would you like to be able to copy the Live Trades of seasoned traders?
Are you a Money Manager and want the ability of replicate your trades in your clients accounts?


Mt4 Trade Copier

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, you can now achieve your goal by obtaining the dkbMARKETS MT4 Copy Trader Software.

With this Copy Trader Software, you can copy traders like Dr Aderemi Banjoko (Dr Forex!)'s Live Trades for only $99 a month.

The Copy Trader Software enables you to set which trades you wish to copy, to set your risk parameters or follow the risk of the trader and you can still manually manage the trades once they are Live. Basically you can copy other traders trades but still have the ability to adjust things to your own preference.

Your computer or laptop can also be switched off once you have set your software settings hence Trades can be executed and managed while you are away at work, play or sleeping!!!

If you trade other client's accounts (Money Manager), you can also benefit from our Copy Trader Software by being able to execute trades in your clients accounts automatically from your Master Trading Account.

Do you want to earn passive income from other traders? We have a program where you can benefit and earn passive income from getting traders you know to obtain our Copy Trader Software.

The Copy Trader Software can be used with ANY MT4 Forex Trading Broker of your choice, although to benefit from additional discounts and support we recommend you use dkbMARKETS.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Once you have paid your subscription for the month, your software will be switched on and will last for the month paid for. During your subscription, you can switch the software off at anytime if you do not want to copy trades and switch it back on when you do want to copy trades.

If you want to know more and to subscribe to the trading platform which is run by our partner - Social Trader Tools (part of Titanium Financial Technology) please click on the links below:

For the copy platform CLICK HERE!

If you want to subscribe to copy Dr Forex's trades, UNFORTUNATELY THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT!!