Financial Markets Assessment For Week Ahead - 04.07.16

Despite the initial falls in the Stock Markets following the outcome of the Brexit vote, the markets have since recovered and Wall Street posted a 4th consecutive days of gains on Friday. We continue to monitor the fall out of UK's exit from Europe and it's effects on the markets and currencies.

Looking at the economic calendar for the week, the reports of major significance this week are the USD U.S. Fed Releases Minutes from June 14-15 FOMC Meeting on Wednesday the 6th of July and the USD Unemployment Rate on Friday the 8th of July.

Today is Independence Day in USA and it is a public holiday hence the US stock market is closed. This will probably cause ALL markets to trend sideways today. I will avoid trading today. Looking at the EUR/USD, the market is trending sideways between R1 & S1. No pending orders placed today due to the US public holiday.

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